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EnCourage Realty is a full-service and beyond operation of seasoned real estate experts who service a full spectrum of exclusive clients, helping them fulfill their dream lifestyles.  EnCourage clients range from luxury high-end buyers, sellers and investors with dominant global holdings to local builders, fix-and-flip investors and first-time homebuyers.

It’s All About Relationships… AND THE NUMBERS 
Beyond the glamour, aesthetics and even emotional appeal a property or real estate transaction may elicit, EnCourage Realty stands firm behind the logical and analytical side and implications of all real estate transactions we navigate our clients through.  We don’t merely talk the talk; we walk the walk substantiating all decisions with data to ensure clients are educated and aware of the commitments they undertake through their real estate dealings.  This is how relationships are solidified beyond developed friendships and pleasantries – through the delivery of stellar results, tangible value AND BEYOND.

“Every day, I awaken with a sense of nervousness, excitement, and urgency to perform, create, grow, and contribute maximally; every night, post reflecting on the lessons learned, I go to sleep in a state of pure gratitude.”

~Katia Hadjiyska, EnCourage Realty Principal Broker & President

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EnCourage Realty is a portfolio company of EnCourage Companies, a conglomerate of businesses ranging from management consulting, coaching and mentoring (EnCourage Group) to real estate (EnCourage Realty) and non-profits (EnCourage Foundation), all dedicated to empowering people and organizations globally.

Katia Hadjiyska

Katia Hadjiyska Principal Broker, President

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Verenice Martinez

Verenice Martinez Real Estate Specialist, REALTOR®

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Gabriela Gutierrez

Gabriela Gutierrez Real Estate Specialist, REALTOR®

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Evee Navarrete

Evee Navarrete Real Estate Specialist, REALTOR®

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